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Uncommon Planning, Extraordinary Lives

Our mission: Common financial decisions produce common financial outcomes.  Common financial outcomes produce common lives.  At Corio & Associates, we teach our clients to challenge traditional financial thinking so they can live the extraordinary lives they never thought were possible.


We specialize in helping doctors of all stages of their careers get where they want to go. We understand your career path, struggles, and opportunities that you face along that road from a resident to retirement. 

Whether you are looking for strategies to pay down debt, save for retirement, protect your income and family with insurance, or start your own practice, schedule a complimentary consultation to see how we can be of value. 

We also are happy to speak with your program as a group. We have lectured at hundreds of residency and fellowship programs since 2011. To schedule a lecture for your group, please email

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As a dentist you not only spend countless hours on your craft getting to where you want to be but oftentimes you must also learn about the business side of things.  This can be overwhelming to tackle on your own.  We help dentists in many areas including protecting their income and business, starting or exiting a practice, and saving for retirement along the way. 

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Closely Held Businesses

Your business is your pride and joy.  You have likely spent countless hours and years following your passion to take your business where it is today.  We want to help you take advantage of that hard work.  Whether you are worried about attracting and keeping talent, paying less in taxes, or developing your ultimate exit strategy, it is never too early for us to have a conversation.   

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Professional Athletes

As a world class athlete, you have spent your life leaving your blood, sweat, and tears on the field.  The simple days of practicing your craft hours upon hours into the night has created a rewarding yet complex financial picture. 

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We specialize in helping professionals on all stages of their career. We are here to help you make the decisions to help pay off your debt, save for retirement, and protect your income and family with insurance. Have a conversation with us to talk about financial strategies to find out how we can help you.  

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