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Physicians Financial Resource Network

We educate physicians on how to take control of their financial lives. The Physicians Financial Resource Network (PFRN) was founded to address the unnecessary risk that is present in the vast majority of doctors’ financial plans.

Most of the physicians that we meet with already have some relationship with a financial planner, advisor, insurance salesman, accountant, attorney, etc. Yet, when we take a holistic view of their planning, most are financially imbalanced and exposed to unnecessary risks from embedded taxes, law suits, lifestyle factors, inefficient use of assets, etc.

All of these forces put a downward pressure on their ability to build wealth. We help our clients to address these issues and achieve optimal financial balance in their lives. The PFRN brings together leading experts in the fields of financial planning, taxation, law, practice management, succession planning, client retention, etc.

Most people would not go to their primary care doctor for open heart surgery, so why should you trust your unique planning needs to a generalist.